Hello -

Your son will be playing on the Royal Mariners team this season for Instructional League (Coach Pitch) Baseball. My name is Jennifer Miller and I will coaching along with Chau Tran and John Bettin, we are very excited to work hard and have fun this season!

*** This email will have quite a bit of important information so please read through to the end and respond once you have received it so I know I have everyone's correct email address. ***

Our Team:
Ole Bettin
Wyatt Miller
Jonah Herold
Trey Sather
Ty Sather
Blake Dahl
Carson Osterkamp
Jack Friske
Aaron Karger
Nate Mielke
James Woyno

1) I will be putting the boys' names on the back of the jerseys (this will just be an iron on) it will make it easier for the coaches as well as the parents to address the kids. (Please let me know if your son goes by a shorter version of the above listed names, as well as a rough estimate of shirt size.)

2) If you are not already registered with RAINOUT please make sure