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Umpire Information

Online Umpire Clinic

Online umpire clinic presentation below is meant as a supplement for those who were not able to attend our umpire clinic in the spring.

Ivan Woyno

Umpire Coordinator

Phone: 952-442-0616

Umpiring Clinic

Anyone 9th grade through adult interested in umpiring baseball/softball for Community Education this spring or summer must attend this clinic. College students are excused provided they RSVP to Ivan at Waconia Community Education Recreation. This course will cover the basics, how
to’s and hands-on learning. Registrations will be accepted at Community Education. Ball pouches, indicators and brushes can be purchased by request, please let staff know. Ivan -
S-187: Sunday, April 18
Bayview Gym
Umpire Trainer
Fee: $12
Register is Open


If you are interested in Umpiring any baseball in Waconia in the Summer of 2021 please contact Ivan Woyno. His information is listed below.