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Wonder if you registered for correct level?
Your student will be assessed on the first day and moved to appropriate level if needed.

Which Level Should I Choose?

PRESCHOOL: Geared for children ages 3, 4 and 5
FLOOR: will learn forward rolls, bridging,  sitting straddle and pike
LOW BEAM: Walking with no help,  bunny hop
BARS: Hanging on bars with little or no help
FLOOR: Forward/Backward rolls,  cartwheel, splits,  bridge with feet together,  jumps including Straddle, pike and straight  
BEAM: Walking on high beam forward/backward, toe touch to knee,
Able to dismount off with little or no help, front support, l hold to toe , progression to straight jump dismount .   
BARS: Graduate from Front support, L hold to toe touch Pull up, concept of hip pullover, skin the cat, and going backward over bar.
FLOOR: Bridge with straight legs, backward roll, stand to stand, round-off, stand drop to bridge with spot, jump full turn, 1 arm cartwheel, dive forward roll, progressing to running round off, handstand with forward Roll, 3 connecting cartwheels, back walkovers.    
BEAM: Jumps, concept of split leap, 3 bounce squat on mount, ½ turn, forward roll on low beam   
BARS: BACK HIP CIRCLE (Jump,  glide & shoot), skin the cat on high bar, progressing to Vault (spotting block only): squat on ,  squat through and straddle through.