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Waconia High School Gymnastics Day Camp

Come experience a day of FUN with the Waconia High School Gymnastics Team! Coaches will encourage gymnast to work towards goals through a series of stations and drills set up at each event rotation. This camp is designed for all levels of experience! Rotate through multiple event stations throughout the day. Where we will work on improving skills or trying something new, with our Wildcat Gymnastics Team Coaches!

Craft Activity: Picture Frames will be provided to decorate with puff paint and glitter for a craft break after lunch. Each participant will have a posed photo taken that will be available at the end of the day during pick up that can be put in the decorated frame! We will break into groups based on skill level. Assigned groups will be provided at check in, please arrive by 9:15am.

What to wear: Leotard or Tank top/shorts, anything tight fitting for spotting purposes and no jewelry

What to bring: Water bottle, packed lunch, grips (if you wear them.)

At the time of registration please let us know if your
child is a: Beginner, Has had some gymnastics experience
or Taking classes and what level.

W-136: Saturday, January 15th, 2022
Girls Ages 5+
Fee: $55
Waconia High School Gymnastics Facility
Register by: January 7

Which Level Should I Choose?

PRESCHOOL: Geared for children ages 3, 4 and 5
FLOOR: will learn forward rolls, bridging,  sitting straddle and pike
LOW BEAM: Walking with no help,  bunny hop
BARS: Hanging on bars with little or no help
FLOOR: Forward/Backward rolls,  cartwheel, splits,  bridge with feet together,  jumps including Straddle, pike and straight  
BEAM: Walking on high beam forward/backward, toe touch to knee,
Able to dismount off with little or no help, front support, l hold to toe , progression to straight jump dismount .   
BARS: Graduate from Front support, L hold to toe touch Pull up, concept of hip pullover, skin the cat, and going backward over bar.
FLOOR: Bridge with straight legs, backward roll, stand to stand, round-off, stand drop to bridge with spot, jump full turn, 1 arm cartwheel, dive forward roll, progressing to running round off, handstand with forward Roll, 3 connecting cartwheels, back walkovers.    
BEAM: Jumps, concept of split leap, 3 bounce squat on mount, ½ turn, forward roll on low beam   
BARS: BACK HIP CIRCLE (Jump,  glide & shoot), skin the cat on high bar, progressing to Vault (spotting block only): squat on ,  squat through and straddle through.

Wonder if you registered for correct level?
Your student will be assessed on the first day and moved to appropriate level if needed.