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Metro Baseball


#509 9YO / 3rd gr.+ Evaulation for a 9 year old team if your birthday is on or between May 1, 2009 & April 30, 2010.
#510 10 Year Olds Evaluation for a 10 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2008 & April 30, 2009.
#511 11 Year Olds Evaluation for a 11 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2007 & April 30, 2008.
#512 12 Year Olds Evaluation for a 12 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2006 & April 30, 2007.
#513 13 Year Olds Evaluation for a 13 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2005 & April 30, 2006.
#514 14 Year Olds Evaluation for a 14 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2004 & April 30, 2005.
#515 15 Year Olds Evaluation for a 15 year old team if your birthdate is on or between May 1, 2003 & April 30, 2004.
Metro Baseball Information: *First round evaluations for U9-U15 league took place August 2018, however, you may still register for the January 2019 evaluation.
1) This is a competitive, skills based traveling league and an evaluation is used. Participants MUST attend their age appropriate evaluation time on January 13, 2019. There is a risk that cuts will be made, and no player is guaranteed a spot on any team regardless of team placement in 2018. For those who wish to skip the evaluation process for baseball there is an opportunity to play local league this coming summer.
2) In the event you were evaluated and not selected to a Metro Baseball team, you will receive a full refund minus the $25 evaluation and processing fee. An email will be sent after evaluations to explain additional baseball options.
3) Registrations for “playing up with your grade” need to be pre-approved by contacting Tom. 952-856-4520
4) Games run from the end of April through July. Typically twice per week any night of the week. Coaches choose practice dates.
5) Players are unable to play in both the Metro League and Pee Wee, Local League Baseball & Crow River Baseball.
6) The # of teams is based on tryout scores/strength of team, not by the number of participants that tryout. This will be determined after tryouts.
7) There is no guarantee that there will be enough players to fill out any team. If there are enough boys for multiple teams that could be created as well. WAA/Baseball Advisory Council has the right to move boys up a level or shift to another team as it seems fi t based on tryouts and numbers.
8) Players must live in District 110 or attend District 110 schools to be eligible to play in this league.
9) Coaches, players and parents will have to sign a code of conduct form before the child is allowed to play.
10) All U9-U15 Baseball teams will be announced after the January 2019 evaluations.
January 13th Evaluations held at Eastern Carver County Athletic Center (1650 Park Ridge Drive, Chaska, MN 55318). Teams will be decided in January 2019. Bring your glove, bat & molded cleats (no metal cleats allowed on turf) or indoor shoes
U12-U15.......... 6:00pm-8:00pm
U9-U11............ 2:00pm-4:30pm
*Please arrived 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
Metro Baseball Fee $400 (Includes late fee) **Other fees may apply based on if the team/coaches decide to play/qualify for additional tournaments and/or have paid coaches.
**Other fees may apply based on if the team/coaches decide to play/qualify for additional tournaments and/or have paid coaches.
Metro Baseball Opening Pitch & Coaches Meeting/Clinic - is still TBD

Metro Baseball Refunds

A full refund will be given minus $25 processing fee and tryout fee through January 14, 2018 for any reason. After January 14, 2018 no refunds will be given.

What You Need To Know

Information regarding each team will be housed on the left hand side. Click on the tab to visit your teams page. As the season progresses we will link your teams schedule from the Metro Baseball website, which has updated scores and schedules.

Check the main page as well. If there is an update that pertains to ALL teams it will be posted on this page.

Metro Rules (Including Bat Regulations)

Home Field Locations

Click Here if you have any interest in creating a team page

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2018 Metro Baseball Schedules






Board Members

Chad Backes
Steve Fleck
Mark Grundhofer
Mike Herman
Bill Koppi
Wade Marsh
Mark Mernick
Chris Ohm
Erik Olson
Troy Simonson
Tony Wischnack

15AA Wayzata Tournament 2nd Place

14AAA Burnsville Tournament 2nd Place

2018 Summer Tournament Locations

2018 Summer Metro Teams/Tournament Locations Date of Tournaments


Glencoe 6/1-6/3
Wayzata Classic 6/15-6/17
Burnsville 6/8-6/10
Edina  5/18-5/20
Lakeville 6/15-6-17
Glencoe 6/1-6/3
Burnsville 6/8-6/10
Apple Valley 5/18-5/20
Eagan 6/22-6/24
Bloomington 6/8-6/10
Prior Lake 6/1-6/3
Owatonna 6/8-6/10
Edina 5/18-5/20
Prior Lake 6/22-6/24
Edina 6/15-6/17
Glencoe 6/1-6/3
Eden Prairie 6/1-6/3
Mankato 6/16-6/17
Lakeville 6/15-6/17
Eagan 5/18-5/20
Prior Lake 5/18-5/20
Shakopee 6/22-6/24
Mankato 6/16-6/17
Chanhassen Challenge 6/1-6/3
Edina 5/18-5/20
Shakopee 6/22-6/24
Waconia 6/8-6/10
Chaska 5/18-5/20
Minnetonka 6/8-6/10
Shakopee 6/22-6/24
Waconia 6/8-6/10
Wayzata 5/18-5/20

2018 Summer Metro Baseball Bat Standards (All bats must have USA Baseball Stamp or BBCOR Stamp)

Max. Barrel
 Max Weight

2 1/4" diameter or

2 5/8" diameter

Unlimited if 2 1/4"

-11 or less if 2 5/8"

14U & 14/15A

Must be 2 5/8"  -5 or less differential


Must be 2 5/8" -3 or less differential

USA Baseball Bat Stamp

Bat Restrictions (Rules Adopted by MBL in 2018)

-For the 2018 MBL/MBT Season the Bat Rules change!!!
-For 9-U, 10-U, 11-U, 12-U, 13-U Bats must be 2 1/4" with unlimited weight differential or bats must be 2 5/8" and have a -11 differential or less (i.e. 30” – 19.0 oz.)
-For 14-U, 14/15A Bats must be 2 5/8" with a -5 or less differential (i.e. 32" - 27.0 oz)
-For 15-U Bats must be 2 5/8" with a -3 or less differential (i.e. 32" - 29oz)

-For the 2018 MBL/MBT season all bats in all age groups must have the NEW USA Approved stamp on its taper, BBCOR stamp.

15 year olds must use a BBCOR bat (Batted Ball Coefficient or Restitution). 

Recommended Bat Length According to Player Size

Season Length

9-13 AA/A April 23rd - July 12

9-14 AAA April 23rd - July 5

14/15A & 15AA May 14 - July 12

15AAA May 14 - July 5

Teams generally play 16 regular season games and up to 5 playoff games after regular season.

Tournaments: Teams are registered for 2 tournaments which is included in registration. Any tournaments beyond that are covered out of pocket by teams individually.

Player Expectations

Mandatory Uniform Dress Code:  All players must wear the official team uniform which consists of the following:

  • Purple Jersey (Provided with registration)
  • Gold Dri-Fit Alternate Jersey (Provided with registration)
  • White Pants (Available for purchase in apparel store)
  • Purple Belt & Socks (Available for purchase in apparel store)

Commitment: It hurts an entire team to have players with other priorities. If a parent (or guardian) knows that their child will miss multiple games or weekend tournaments during the season due to vacations or other commitments then please consider participating in one of our recreation leagues and allow another player who does not have any attendance limitations an opportunity to make the team. When missing a practice or a game, the player is not fulfilling his responsibilities to his team or teammates.

  • Metro Baseball has to be priority. If you choose to play on a Club traveling team please do not play Metro Baseball.

Practice and Games: As a member of the Waconia Area Athletics’ Metro Baseball team you are expected to be at every practice and game. If you do know of a scheduling conflict (example: vacation) the coach should be notified at the initial coaches meeting. All players must assist with cleaning up field and dugout following every practice and game.

Handling a Concern

DO NOT discuss any concerns you may have with your son’s coach until you have talked with your son about the issue first. DO NOT discuss with the coach immediately before, during or immediately after a game you must wait a whole day. (24-HOUR RULE). If after discussing with the coach, you are not satisfied, please contact Tom or Jason.


Areas Which May Affect Playing Time

Helmet throwing, bat throwing, yelling at players/coaches/umpires and temper tantrums in general will not be tolerated. It is a privilege to make a traveling team and the players are representing Waconia. If one of the above happens, a coach is instructed to sit the player for the rest of the game. Also, unexcused absences from practice or being late for games may affect playing time. Please keep in mind that this is traveling baseball and there is a commitment to both practice and games.


Tom Middagh

Tom Middagh

Recreation Coordinator

Phone: 952.856.4520

Jason  Wadsley

Jason Wadsley

Recreation Coordinator

Phone: 952.442.0616