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Carver County Parks Events/Camps


Kayak, Paddle, Youth Camps HERE!

Waconia Adventure Camp

If your child loves playing the outdoors, this camp is for them!  Your adventurous camper will get to hone their aim with archery, balance their best on the slackline, learn how to cook outdoors, play a variety of group fi eld games and get out geocaching for s’mores with our funloving instructors. This camp is based around experiential learning in the outdoors! Instructors will cover activity basics, safety procedures, history of the activity, tips for future success and more!  All equipment will be provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

SU-325: June 8, 9 & 10
Ages 8-13    
Bayview Cafeteria/Fields
Fee: $75
Min: 10 / Max: 30
Register By: May 25

Sunset Kayak Cruise

Paddle tranquil waters as the sky turns orange in this kayaking adventure! Learn water safety and paddling tips from our trained instructors before exploring the lake. Tour the waters of this historic lake and catch the great views of Waconia at sunset. All equipment will be provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

SU-326: June 4    
SU-327: September 1    
Ages 8+ Waconia Regional Park/ Backup Location: Lake Parley
Fee: $15
Min: 2 / Max: 6
Register By: May 21 / August 18

Drop-In Archery at Baylord Park

Drop-in and join us for archery outside the Baylor campground offi  ce for $5! Beginner or expert, all archers ages 8+ are invited to shoot and get valuable tips from our instructors. 10am to 10pm every Saturday Memorial Day through Labor Day. No registration required; all equipment provided.  Off ered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

Saturdays,  May 29 - September 4
$5 (Payable at Baylor Regional Park)
No Registration Required!

After School Archery

Calling all archers!  This archery class is an opportunity for students of all ability levels to try something new! Proper techniques for stance, aim and release are taught by trained instructors who utilize experiential learning and creative games to ensure that all archers grow in their abilities—and have fun! Students can go straight to this program after school. All equipment provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks. Meet in the cafeteria at 2:55pm.

SU-324: May 11th
Ages 8-13
Waconia Middle School
Fee: $15
Min: 5 / Max 16
egister By: May 4

Minnesota River Canoe Trip

Join an adventure straight out of a Mark Twain story— complete with canoes and a sandbar picnic! Our talented instructors guide canoers from Jordan to Chaska on a serene, 10-mile stretch of the Minnesota River. Expect a diverse off ering of riverway wildlife as while eating a packed lunch on a sandbar.  No previous paddle experience needed! All equipment provided. Children under 16 must register with a participating adult. This program is offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

SU-335: Saturday, July 17
Ages 8+    
Winkel Park Chaska
Fee: $20  
Min: 8 / Max: 16
Register By: June 4

Youth Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy the summer sun while working on balance and coordination. Instruction starts on land with brief water safety, balance tips, and paddling strokes before giving participants time to explore the lake. All equipment provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks. 

SU-333: Friday, June 25
 Ages 8-14    
Waconia Regional Park (Backup Location: Lake Parley)
Fee: $20  
Min: 2 / Max: 6  
Register By: June 11

Intro to Fishing Day Camp

Intended for those looking to experience fishing for the first time or kids that just want to do some fishing with friends! This half-day camp will introduce skills like drop casting, overhead casting practice, hooking bait, setting hooks and removing fi sh as well as ethical fishing practices. All equipment provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

SU-334: Wednesday, June 30
Ages 7-12    
Cedar Point Park Waconia
Fee: $20
Min: 5 / Max: 12
Register By: June 4

Coney Island Kayak

Paddle out to the Coney Island via kayak to explore the beautiful natural and historical location. Guided by Carver County Parks instructors, no paddle experience is needed! Find out the truth about local legends and archeological fi ndings while walking under the shade of beautiful old maple trees. All equipment provided. Offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

SU-330: Saturday, June 19
SU-331: Monday, July 12
SU-332: Friday, August 6
Ages 10+    
Waconia Regional Park/
Backup Location: North Orange Street Boat Launch
Fee: $15
Min: 2 / Max: 6
Register By: June 4 / July 28 / July 23

Voyageur Camp

This 3 day camp will take your child around the community of Waconia to experience the outdoors through the lenses of science and history like never before.  Inspired by the Voyageurs of the 18th century who traveled northern Minnesota and Canada as part of the fur trade, this camp provides activities and experiences that refl ect the adventurous life style of Minnesota’s past. Embark on a canoe excursion to Coney Island, fi sh the lake with a genuine bamboo cane pole and shoot arrows like a primitive hunter! Spend the day at the Andrew Peterson Historical Farm learning to churn butter, make homemade ice cream, tap a maple tree, play historical Native American games and cook a snack over an open fl ame. Explore the natural world while walking from Bayview Elementary, to the library and historical society!  Offered in partnership with the Carver County Parks Department, Historical Society and Libraries.

SU-337: August 17, 18 & 19  
Ages 8-13
Waconia Regional Park
Fee: $70
Min: 10 / Max: 20
Register By: August 3

Youth Log Rolling

Experience Minnesota History fi rsthand! Hop on a log and get those feet moving for a fun exercise in balance, agility and core strength. Our Minnesotamade Key Logs are made of plastic, filled with water and have training equipment that help keep the rollspeed appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. Log rolling is sport that is growing in popularity and is great for kids who want to try something new and splash in the water! Come prepared to get wet; water shoes or secure sandals recommended. 

SU-336: Thursday, August 5
Ages 6-14
Waconia Regional Park
Fee: $10
Min: 2 / Max: 8
Register By: July 22